Some people are natural in front of a camera, others find it unpleasant, even terrifying..
I can relate to both! 

No need to be afraid, we will have a good laugh and in the end there will be just that picture that lets your true self shine.

You'll be glad, even if it means pushing your boundaries. In the end we all like (even need) good pictures of ourselves

- or of others ;)

Businesses, artists,

weirdos: all welcome!


Scroll down to see some options!


Classical, in front of a white wall. Easy to use in presentations or anything really. I'll bring my studio lights with me. 



For a bit more fun and creativity we go around your (work)place and find a nice backdrop. Works very well for team pages that are a bit more extra. 



 No rules, just however we want to capture you as who you are or want to be.

©2020 Dora Csala

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