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I am a sucker for 35mm film photography.

Love experimenting with double exposures, or just exposures in general and different cameras for different effects.

Light leaks are a curse from heaven!

I also like to teach others the beauty of analog photography. I held a workshop at

Bard College Berlin where we built our own cameras with the participants and developed the pictures ourselves.

look, this came out of the blue box!

I really enjoy street photography, which takes a lot of courage (especially in Germany). I am trying to get more into it and recently joined a workshop at the Brussles Street Photo Festival - hell that was refreshing! Even used a flash on the streets!

people clearly enjoyed me doing that

Occasionally I make photo stories as a series.

(i'll show you one, just a minute)

As well as videos - I actually graduated in video art!

watch this one right here

And I also work in other fields of photography, such as this cover shoot for Fraunhofer Institut, photographing furniture or products, hardware ...

Thanks for making it until here!

that means you're awesome

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